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    Default Tomb cliffsnotes

    I'll update this as I can, hopefully it'll be a useful quick reference for Wednesday for more people than just me :P
    Likely still subject to PTR changes.

    • Tank swap for Melt Armour (10 yard aoe on application, move out. 25y in HC)
    • Infernal Spikes spawn under ranged players (rock pillars)
    • Tank boss 20y away from spikes
    • Kite Shattering Star through Infernal Spikes (use healing cd's for collision)
    • LoS the boss using Infernal Spikes for Infernal Burning
    • Move away from players/spikes with Crashing Comet (10y)

    • Fel Eruption covers 1/4 of the floor in lava.

    Mythic Only
    • Destroyed spikes deal aoe.
    • Rain of Brimstone every 40s 4 meteors, split damage soak or an add spawns (immunities work)

    Demonic Inquisition
    Tank the bosses stacked.
    • HUGE debuff when your Torment bar fills.
    • Teams sent in to Confess via the extra action button to clear Torment. Extra action button to leave (USE WHEN CALLED)
    • Avoid Torment Eruption (green circles)
    • Soak Remnant of Hope (purple orb)

    • Face away from raid (Scythe Sweep)
    • Move him out during Bone Saw AND Fel Squall (to avoid cleave)
    • Do not attack him during Bone Saw
    • Heroic
      • Calcified Quills; frontal cone for damage and knock up.

    • Not tanked
    • 3 players assigned to interrupt Pangs of Guilt (backups for Confess)
    • Possible healer cd during Tormenting Burst
    • Run out with Echoing Anguish (8y) wait for dispels
    • Do not attack him during Fel Squall
    • Heroic
      • Suffocating Dark; Void zone on random players. Spread in advance, avoid standing by entrance.

    Mythic Only
    • Tormented Fragments spawned when leaving Confession.
    • Fixates, can be slowed & explodes on death
    • Avoid spawning during Fel Squall


    Tank near Murloc spawns
    • Tank swap Jagged Abrasion
    • Raid stack behind boss, Unchecked Rage MUST be shared with the raid stack
    • Wavemender add
      • Interrupt casts (Drenched, stacking dot & increases damage taken)
      • Move to the edges with Aqueous Burst (6s debuff, leaves Drenching Pools)
    • Gladiator add
      • Face away from raid (cone attack)
      • Kite the fixate
    • Avoid Drenching Pools during Draw In
      • Frigid Blows stacks per pool, empowers melee to deal raid aoe.
      • Each stack expended spawns a pool under a raider
      • Hug sides after all pools are absorbed so they drop at the sides

    Mythic Only
    3 Incubated Eggs activate at a time.
    • Remove "immunity" from one with Unchecked Rage from boss
    • Kill Prio
      • Blue: Drippy tadpole, tanked, spawns Drenching Pools
      • Red: colicky tadpoles, jumps about
      • Green: multiple sickly tadpoles, fixate, move slowly & explode on contact

    Mistress Sassz'ine
    All Phases
    • Tank Swap on Burden of Pain
    • Offtank takes Abyss Stalkers but avoid physical damage (Hydra Shot)
    • Fan around boss with Hydra Shot (piercing shot) everyone else share the damage (you know how, don't be dense)
    • Avoid stacking Hydra Shots, more than 1 hit will stun for 4s

    Phase 1
    • Bring Abyss Stalkers low and kill them near middle before Slicing Tornado cast. Drop Concealing Murk
    • Hide behind Concealing Murk to help avoid Tornadoes
    • Remove Consuming Hunger debuff by standing in Thundering Shock patches (Jellyfish)
      Spawns Murloc Waverunner. Interrupt & kill ASAP.
    • Avoid the Jellyfish otherwise (4s stun)

    Phase 2, 70%
    • Avoid Crashing Wave (bubbling water, Call Vellius timer)
    • Avoid Befouling Ink (more later, Summon Ossunet timer)
    • Run against Devouring Maw (Beckon Sarukel timer)
    • 3 players go absorb Befouling Ink and move to get eaten ^^

    Phase 3, 30%
    • Phase 1 and 2 combined
    • May need to soak Befouled Ink for space
    • Consuming Hunger can not be removed (good luck healers)

    • Abyss stalkers cast Dark Depths to jump about. Interrupt & stun on low hp

    Mythic Only
    • Delicious Bufferfish
      • Spawns 5, stacking dps/mana buff. Best dps & mana starved healers preferred.
      • Taking damage drops the fish, 2min "stuffed" type debuff
      • at 50 stacks ALL fish get a red circle, drop them ASAP & move away
    • Waverunners buff e/o 15y. Try to spread when clearing Consuming Hunger
    • 5 ink is required to end Devouring Maw

    Sisters of the Moon
    Astral Purge to counter mechanics (move to opposite colour of the floor) and clear stacking debuff.
    Phase 1 The Huntress
    Kasparian (active)
    • Tanks share Moon Glaive cleave. Tank swap for Discorporate, clear with Astral Purge.
    • Twilight Glaive targets random player, others avoid the path

    • Spot heal Luna Strike
    • Clear Moonburn with Astral Purge

    • Spot heal Shadow Shot
    • Twilight Volley cast as ranged, move out of it
    • When Font of Elune is fully Dark or Light casts Incorporeal shot. Targeted player move to middle, everyone soak the beam

    Phase 2, Bow of Night (Kasparian hit 70%)
    Moonstrike becomes active & gains
    • Rapid Shot, dealing heavier damage. Astral purge if targeted & able
    • Call Moontalon. Owl needs to be tanked, burst down at 25% to reduce Deathly Screech damage

    Kasparian gains
    • Ghostly form: teleports around room
    • Spectral Glaive (stole my damn Avenger's Shield) ranged spread to avoid bounces

    Lunaspyre gains
    • Embrace the Eclipse (cast When fully Dark or Light)
      Break absorb shields by healing players & damaging Captain Moonstrike. Explode after 12s (spread 8y to reduce damage from active shields)

    Phase 3 Wrath of Elune (Moonstrike hits 40%)
    Lunaspyke becomes active & gains
    • Luna Fire. Basic tankswap
    • Lunar Beacon. After 6s deals heavy aoe & silences. Move out!

    Kaparian gains
    • Glaive Storm (cast when fully Dark or Light) Avoid middle of room, dodge the split glaives

    • More Font of Elune abilities.
      • Phase 1: Incorporeal Shot & Embrace the Eclipse
      • Phase 2: Embrace the Eclipse & Glaive Storm
      • Phase 3: Glaive Storm & Incorporeal Shot

    Mythic Only
    • Astral Purge now deals raidwide damage. Assign groups of 2/3 (+ ppl doing mechancs) to purge at the same time

    The Desolate Host
    • Raid splits into Realms Interact with Spiritual Fonts (shiney blue bowls) to switch realms
    • Adds before boss.
    • Spirit Realm
      • Run to world mark with Soulbind
      • Everyone the Spirit realm during Wailing Souls unless assigned!
        Return after
      • Soul Residue
        • Kill asap
        • move away (5y) before it dies
        • avoid the goo it drops
      • Fallen Priestess
        • Dispel Spirit Chains
        • Use Shattering Scream debuff (5y aoe) to clear Bonecage Armour from Corporeal Realm adds (go to world mark)
        • Interrupt & kill them when all the Armour is cleared
    • Corporeal Realm
      • Tank adds on world mark
      • Run to world mark with Soulbind
      • Collapsing Fissures spawn near ranged, spread away from raid
      • Place Tormented Cries around the edges Avoid existing goo
      • Reanimated Templar
        • Avoid Rupturing Slam (3 waves)
        • Bonecage Armour at 50% health
      • Ghastly Bonewarden
        • Ranged spread 5y to avoid Grasping Darkness bounces
        • Bonecage Armour on 50% health

    Phase 2
    • Kill adds before trasition at 30%
    • Corporeal players stand CLOSE for Sundering Doom
    • Spirit players RUN AWAY for Sundering Doom
    • Corporeal payers RUN AWAY for Doomed Sundering
    • Spirit players stand CLOSE for Doome Sundering

    • Dissonance forces the raid to ALSO split to halves of the room. Players in different realms within 8y of e/o explode.
    • Heavy damage from dissonance when players move to marks for mechanics
      Corporeal players move away from adds when Bonecage Armour is being cleared
    • Spirit Realm gains Wither
      Must not remain in Spirit Realm for Wailing Souls
    • Corporeal Realm gains Spear of Anguish
      Pushes players into Spirit Realm
      Move to a safe location to avoid Dissonance
      Healers must remove an absorb shield before they can click Spiritual Fonts

    Mythic Only
    • Fonts can only be used when below 50% health (need to call to stop healing for realm switches)
    • Adds gain Bound Essence & must be killed in both realms.
    • Soul Residue gains Unrelenting ("soft enrage") kill quickly!
    • Spear of Anguish must be shared by 3 players

    Maiden of Vigilance

    Phase 1
    • Infusion randomly debuffs the raid with Fel or Light.
      Split the raid either side of boss, don't stand within 3y of opposite colours.
    • Taking the opposite kind of damage gives Unstable Soul.
      Jump into the hole in in the room with 1-2 seconds on debuff to avoid raid damage (it will bounce you back up if timed right)
    • Light tank takes Hammer of Creation, Fel tank takes Hammer of Obliteration
      Raid can share damage, but may be soloable.
    • Hammer will spawn pools when they hit, don't stand in em.
    • Light echoes fixate on player locations as the pools decay, dodge em! (4y aoe)

    Phase 2
    • Boss teleports & stuns raid. DON'T CHASE UNTIL AFTER THE STUN!
    • Stick to your own side to move to her
    • Catch Essence Fragments you match, avoid those you don't
      Grants damage/healing buff up to 10 stacks. Don't be greedy, the buff is a small aoe.
      Try to move as a team!
    • Burn through Titanic Bulwark to interrupt her before we die

    Phase 1, redux
    • beware new Infusion casts. CHECK YOUR COLOUR!

    • Encounter unchanged. MOAR DAMAGE

    Mythic Only
    • ALL Essence Fragments must be absorbed
      Each colour group must be split, half to each side
    • Spontaneous Fragmentation spawns an Essence Fragment of the opposite colour at a player's feet
      Kite it until somebody absorbs it

    Fallen Avatar

    Phase 1
    • mitigation for Desolate (from Avatar) swap on 2 stacks
    • Tank the Maiden of Valour in the beams
    • Avoid dps the Maiden until she hits full energy.
      Break the shield she gains then STOP DAMAGE! (she loses 25% health each time, need to do it 4 times)
    • Move away from Avatar for Rupture Realities
    • Move with Unbound Chaos (drops fire) Avoid each other!
    • Stand still if effected by Shadowy Blades, raid move from the "path" to avoid heavy aoe
    • When the boss (Avatar) is near 100 energy, nuke Maiden down to avoid him healing.

    Phase 2
    • Tank in corners to make Rupture Realities easier
    • Spread with Dark Mark (don't overlap)
      Unaffected players stack inside to share damage.
      Knocks back, so stand safely.

    Phase 1
    • Tank swap with Felclaws debuff
    • Stand close for Rupturing Singularity
    • Soak Armageddon Rain (small red swirls) Tanks & immunities soak Armageddon Blast (large red swirl)
      Beware the stacking debuff

    • Soak Armageddon more
    • Soak Focused Dreadflame (randomly fixated beam attack)
    • Spread 15y with Bursting Dreadflame (do not soak with it)

    Phase 2, 80%
    • Stack under boss with Shadow Reflection: Erupting Focus the adds that spawn
    • Move out with Focused Dreadflame to help people soaking it

    Intermission Two
    • Move around with assigned healers to find Illidan
    • Use Illidan's Sightless Gaze buff to kill Shadowsouls

    Phase 3, 40%
    • Avoid the Rifts Kiljaeden spawns
    • When Darkness of a Thousand Souls is cast, stand near a rift to gain Gravity Squeeze, then move away
    • Demonic Obelisks will create a cross of lighting. Avoid (knock back & heavy damage)


    If this bare bones list is too much for you, hean pointed out this friendly infographic, enjoy
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    Default Re: Tomb cliffsnotes

    Cliffsnotes done.
    Mostly made for my own needs (think... cue cards for story time) but hopefully some people find em useful.

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    Default Re: Tomb cliffsnotes

    copy / paste to my notes - Thanks Doc always useful..

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    Default Re: Tomb cliffsnotes

    Something to help with Mistress Sassz'ine

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