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    Kakao games were unable to help us get the old Renegade Legion guild back due to the fact all contracts had ran out. No matter who wanted or said what. In response, I have created a new guild (RenegadeLegion) in BDO, and anyone affiliated somehow with RL is more than welcome to join.

    For now, we are few but enjoy a small community free of bitching, whining, salt, and sulking.
    And we are recruiting.

    My experience as GM for Unpredictable over time taught me an important lesson: your value as a member is based on personal awesomeness and non-toxicity, not gearscore.



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    btw i have previously posted as Moostik but failed to log in to the forums with that account. Moostiiq is my ingame name in most games anyway.

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    Might wanna join discord to say hello (and set up a channel there too)
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