Character name: Crazyfrog

Desired class/spec: Retribution(dps)

Role breakdown: Well, i dont really know any tricks for my class, but i have played it for several years and i am really comfortable playing it, i always keep an eye on keeping spells up for extra dps and such, i also do keep an eye on the rest of the raid if anyone needs extra healing or bop etc.

Raiding experience: Well i havn't really raided for that of a long time, started raiding in legion but never really went hard there, i did heroic clears on the different legion raids and i think i may have done mythic on 1 or 2 bosses but this was on my shadow priest which i mained during legion. Well at least heroic raiding i dont think is that hard to learn, you might want to go through tactics on voice on some bosses which im totally cool with and do like if the whole raid is on the same page and understand the tacts which i have learned from pug groups that not everyone seem to care alot. I did raid for a guild in legion aswell.

Mechanics quiz:
Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following Heroic encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
You only need to fill in the roll you want to play.

  • Healer: Aggramar (Mythic)
  • DPS: Coven (Mythic) Well im not entirely sure what to write here tbh as it's a raid from legion and i never went mythic raiding on antorus, so if you got any other questions from uldir etc i would gladly answer them.

References: (know any renegades?) No, I do not know anyone from renegades.

Expectations: My expectations if i would get invited to the guild is to join raiding heroic from the beginning i guess and maybe in the future if a spot is free for mythic raiding i would gladly join. I also would love to do some m+ with guild members and be social with others.

Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice) I'm 17 years old from Sweden and have been playing wow since TBC and are currently maining a ret paladin. previous raiding guilds were in legion where i did raid for a few weeks but did quit playing wow and all other games as my computer broke and i had to buy a new one. Why i am doing this application would probably be because i am currently not in a guild and i would love to join a guild that do raid and that is good enough for progressing in mythic and completing heroic easily, simply just pretty bored of doing pug raiding.