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    Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall1/2) recently released a new F2P Battle Royale clone: Apex Legends. I've heard a lot of positive things about it and they've claimed huge player numbers since it launched. Downside is its published by EA so it does have loot box bullshit, but that's marginally more acceptable in a free 2 play game,

    I know some of you are already playing. Suggest posting your Origin username to make it easier to group up.

    Mine is Fusionreaktor

    You can also link your account to Steam which is handy.
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    I just started playing, its pretty fun - a bit mental / frustrating the first 10 games but once you get the hang of it it's good!

    Origin username is ReflexTomS

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    Playing aswell Origin ID Aydendril

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    I'm in as Leonaedas.

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