We had a successful raid with The Great Council earlier this evening. Rag down in 2h30.

Loot was distributed fairly, and it was a refreshing change to the Murloc raids which were the source of a lot of stress and anger. We got quite a few drops:

  • Shazza - Arcanist Boots
  • Mcstabbins - Quick Strike Ring
  • Blade - Brutality Blade
  • Coillix - Mantle of Prophecy
  • Ludas - Aracanist Robes
  • Kurjam - Blastershot Launcher
  • Shazza - Arcanist Belt
  • Mcstabbins - Bloodfang Pants

After a quick discussion on guild chat, it was an obvious no brainer that the best thing forward for many of us is to switch guilds. All are welcome to join and they have/will award EPGP for attendance in tonight's raid. I anticipate some of you will want to stay with RL, I can fully understand this, and deciding to switch was not an easy decision, but it is the right one for me (I need to be in an active guild where I can get group content done, I don't care much about raid loot, but I do like running 5 mans, and we just didn't have the numbers to do that in RL).

Blade and I are temporary officers to assist with the transition, so you can contact us for an invite (neither of us intend to continue at this rank).

RL could keep going as a social/alt leveling guild, however The Great Council has social as well as raiding ranks and they are looking to recruit for a 2nd raid group in future, so I would encourage you all to move at least your mains over.