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Thread: experience with "Via K8T800 PRO", "VIA K8T890" and/or "NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra"

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    Default experience with "Via K8T800 PRO", "VIA K8T890" and/or "NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra"

    hello boys and girls,

    does someone of you have any experience with following chipsets?

    1.) Via K8T800 PRO
    2.) VIA K8T890
    3.) NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra

    or could someone give me a hint which socket 939 mainboard with AGP8 (very important) should i buy?
    my experiences with VIA chipsets arent good, but i heard the nForce3 chipset isnt better. is that true?
    i really like my MSI K7N2 ILSR Delta with nForce2 chipset, but i need a bigger cpu and socket A max is 3200 XP+ which isnt much better than my 2800 XP+...


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    Default Re: experience with "Via K8T800 PRO", "VIA K8T890" and/or "NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra"

    Quite a few people here are using the Abit AV8-3rd Eye (me included) so I expect a few people can reply on that board, which meets your criteria.

    Personally I've had no problems with it, the drivers just work, installing and working as easily as on an Nforce board.

    I chose the board because its agp/pci frequency can be locked, allowing for extreme overclocking when I feel like playing about

    I still feel that all these 939 boards are in their first generation and there is better to come, time will tell, but looking at reviews, there is so little to choose between them all now, might be better to look at what extras come with it, in my opinion thats about the only reason to choose one board over another atm (assuming it fits the vital criteria in the first instance)

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    Default Re: experience with "Via K8T800 PRO", "VIA K8T890" and/or "NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra"

    nForce = Pants
    nForce = Slow

    Via = Teh Win
    Via + Fast

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