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Thread: Questions about PvP

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    Default Questions about PvP

    Just a few questions for you PvE guyz :
    If you want to PvP on the PvE server, is it difficult to find someone with PvP flag on ?
    How often do you meet people with the flag on ?

    I'd like to join you on the PvE but i'm afraid I'll miss the great PvP battles in Southshore (SS vs Taren Mill are always awesone battles, everybody's rushing in a big chaos, it reminds me sometimes PS zerg actions ).

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    From my experience:
    You don't randomly run into flagged people very often.
    If you want the action, you have to go search for it yourself - luckily, that's not hard.

    Grab a couple of mates, go near a horde town (Tarren Mill, UC, Ratchet ...) and flag yourself. Make sure a few enemies see it. The rumour will spread like wildfire and enemies will come rushing to kick you out - the biggest problem tends to be that too many show up, heh

    Also, when you run into a an enemy out in the open you can always try to grab his attention, then flag PvP. It's risky of course, since he might ignore you, go away ... only to stalk you and attack while your flag is still on and you're busy with something else - but often they're up for the fight (depending on levels etc. of course).

    As for raids - you obviously won't see many in the beginning since people will want to get their levels and gear, but once people start hitting 40+ they form up regularly. Southshore/Tarren mill seemed to be the most popular raid on raid fighting location in beta - probably because it's easy to get there for both sides and provides a easily defendable positions for both sides to fall back to.

    Also, when it comes to duelling ... there's usually some going outside the gates of Ironforge. Obviously not as much early on, but as people reach 40+ I'm guessing it'll start being common, and once the 60's emerge there's likely to be duelling there pretty much at all times.

    You don't get the thrill of the constant danger of an ambush or assault, but getting a fight is not a problem when you want one.

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    Default Re: Questions about PvP

    Sothshore/Tarren are a great pairing as are Refuge Point/Hammerfall.

    From what I've seen of PS, a lot of combat seems to take place in or around a players base, which is pretty much how it happens in PvE, although all 'home' players start untagged (I'm ot sure how this happens in PvP), but if they want to get in on the action, they'll tag themselves anyway

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