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Thread: Your top 3 games of all time?

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    Default Your top 3 games of all time?

    Now if you were stuck on a desert island without a nifty net connection and had to pick 3 games to play til your rescued, which would they be? and give reasons.


    1. UFO: Emeny Unknown (aka XCOM: UFO Defense) -
    Pure fucking class. You CANNOT beat this game for timeless classicness. It was a very tough game that i still play every few months even now. It may look a tad dated but it is still the dogs ruddy bollocks.

    2. Total Annihilation -
    What can i say? Most likely the best RTS to EVER be made. Cant wait for the new remake. I would prolly get the TAUCP pack with it too as it improves the AI and adds loads of new units. I still play that even now.

    3. Football Manager 2006 -
    I have picked the most recent incarnation purely because its the best so far. I love football alot and this would give me years of playtime whilst i try to get West Brom to win the premiership. Sports Interactive are one of the few Developers that actually put love into their game. They are perfectly willing to scour the world to make sure that the stats of the players are 100% spot on!
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    No net connection, but I could power my pc on a deserted island?
    Anyway, there is a diffrence for me between "best 3 al time games" and which games I would take whit me on a... extended vacation.

    All time 3 best offline games:
    1.TotalWar series.
    2.Doom series (Try DoomRPG Mobile 2005 btw)

    3 games I would bring to play on my "solar powered" laptop:
    1.Totalwar series.
    3.UnrealTournament-2004 (Offline is great aswell)
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    I'm not a big fan of top threes, its too arbitrary, so here's my top game in the main categories...


    Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    Beat Em Up:

    Streets Of Rage 2


    Street Fighter: Third Strike

    First Person Shooter (multiplayer):


    First Person Shooter (single player)



    Rome: Total War

    Real Time Strategy

    Dawn Of War

    Flight Simulator

    IL-2 Sturmovik

    Honourable mentions to:

    Operation Flashpoint
    1942 (vertical scrolling shooter, not BF1942)
    Football Manager 2006
    Sensible Soccer 2
    GTA San Andreas

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    My top 3 based on my years of gaming....

    Panzer General - PS1, Fucking loved this game and still do, probably my number 1 game of all time.

    Airborne Assault : Highway to the Reich - PC, Awesome strat game, now that ive learned how to use the map maker and scenario editor this is one of the greatest strat games for WW2.

    Total War series - PC, If you need a reason why this should be on anyones desert island list then youre fucking stupid.

    I would like to point out that if the only option was to take PC games to your desert island they would be the above 3, I would however rather chose 3 DVD's worth of porn with me alternative list of 3 being,

    1. Birching the serf girls
    2. Shit girls 6
    3. Quasimodo 2000

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    Top 3 in general (by replay value):
    - Commander Keen 1-6
    - Monkey Island 1,2,3
    - Doom 1,2 / Wolfenstein (both equal)

    Top 3 Flight Sims (by hours spend):
    - Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
    - X-Wing vs Tie Fighter
    - Wing Commander

    Top 3 RPG's (by becoming one with your character):
    - Ultima 6
    - Gothic 2
    - World of Warcraft

    Top 3 Shooters (by intensity):
    - Strife
    - Quake
    - Operation Flashpoint

    Top 3 Adventure games (by hours of puzzling):
    - Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis
    - The Island of Dr. Brain / The Castle of Dr. Brain
    - Leasuire Suit Larry

    Top 3 Racing games (by amount of crashing):
    - Test Driver 3
    - Need For Speed 2
    - Carmageddon

    Top 3 Strategy games
    - Total Annihilation
    - Command & Conquer 1
    - Dune 2

    Top 3 gasp moments in game:
    - Unreal (when you get out of the spaceship and see the waterfall cliffs for the very first time)
    - Far Cry demo Fortress level (I've spend hours just 'simming')
    - FEAR demo (fooking hell I've wasted a lot of ammo clips shooting at nothing)

    Also worth mentioning:
    - Dark Forces
    - Deus-Ex
    - The Incredible Machine
    - Worms
    - Enemy Territory
    - Carrier Command (very old Amiga 500 port to PC)
    - Operation: Wolf
    - Silk Worm
    - etc etc etc etc.
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    Ludi, put the second X-Com game into that list and I'd agree with you, 1 Was brilliant, two was an improvement with a far more spooky feel
    I blame Moose!

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    1. Planescape Torment - i can play it again and again and again. awesome game, brilliant story.

    2. Doom 1

    3. Championship Manager 03/04
    Planetside 2

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    1) Grim Fandango

    2) All the monkey Islands

    3) HL2

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    See this is why I hate top 3's, people keep adding brilliant games that I love, Planescape Torment, Beyond Good an Evil, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, basicaly, anything with a plot that acutaly sucks you into the game the sort that leave you thinking "Damn I want more and more and more of this game" after about 50 hours of solid play (Read: Deus Ex, Close to perfection, with a few enhancements it would have been, sadly IW fooked it up completly).
    I blame Moose!

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    4. Deus X.

    eh, top 3 u said? eh. screw it, as many have mentioned there are too many great games to cut it down to 3.
    Planetside 2

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