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Thread: I've made up my mind.

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    Default I've made up my mind.


    I brought this up about 1 week-ish ago where i was heavily considered leaving the guild. Now I'm bringin it up again and I'm not going to let you talk me out of it again :P * No! Put those beers and pie away!*
    You're a great bunch of guys but I really feel like i need to move on to Ascension.

    When I first started on the PvP server I said to myself I wanted to join a high level guild with set goals and lots of grouping oppertunities and high standards.
    Then I let Ludi talking me into creating a RL on Darathar and it actually started out quite well with alot of activity, new friendly people and basicly just shitload of fun.

    Well now about 3 weeks later, I log on after work and I'm bored. I'm completely and utterly bored to shiite. As Jharek I've also gotten into a habbit of getting off from work a bit later than usual, also working out in the gym has added to this.. which means I can't get any groups either because we're simply not enough people on to have 2 groups going.

    Ive been debating with myself for about a week now since it was first brought up, i gave RL here another chance, but I feel like i need to move on now to a larger guild which has been asking me to join ever since we started here.

    I hope i won't piss anyone off, I also hope you will not flood me with "WTF" tells ingame :P Rather post em here, cause I'm still a Planetside Renegade
    Also my msn is for those interested in that

    Thanks for some of the fun times in the guild.

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    Default Well well.

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving us mate. But then againg I understand your reasons. So hope you will enjoy the new guild. And say hello to Greed for me

    Hope I still will see you around. Take care mate.

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    Im not gonna say bye, cuz you will be back.

    I keep telling you Kong, Acenscion arnt what your looking for... they just grind and have no fun.

    They are there to finish the game then leave.

    but do you ever listen to wise old ludi... nope lol

    Cya round m8
    "fuck I hate when ludi makes sense, it makes me question my whole world view." - Daymare

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    sorry that that happened m8 but at least u gave me the opportunity to KICK ur ass for the 1st time ever

    GL hope u get what u're looking for Kongie

    *makes macro: /guild invite kongstad*
    No More Hungarian Goat Pr0n

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