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  • Yes I still play frequently and I am happy to help pay for it

    3 25.00%
  • Yes I still play frequently and I am not willing/able to help pay for it

    0 0%
  • No longer playing frequently / taking a break / WoW

    8 66.67%
  • CS:S is dead, I am never coming back

    1 8.33%
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Thread: CS Server

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    Default CS Server

    Seems like the CS:S server isn't being used much anymore...

    The subscription ends in less than a fortnight, should we have another month?

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    Not enough people interested in CS:S, so theres no point having the server any longer.

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    noone playing enough anymore - still play nightly but only at most 4 of us on.

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    lol 5 ppl voted for wow so far..that incudes me
    i still come play CS occasionally, but laytly RL server been down alot...
    or is it just me..
    wtf Cs:s update... 120min

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    Its never been down when I wanted to play on it...

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    Default Re: CS Server

    offtopic but the teleport feature on the new admin mod rocks

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    Default Re: CS Server

    What does it do? (I didn't bother to read the readme )

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    how could you do it to us fusion, giving paul the damn small admin thing, do you reckon i could nab it so i can retalite when he kicks me,

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    Default Re: CS Server

    lol, we had such a laugh yesterday... slapping people silly and teleporting paul into random places

    BTW, who were the 3 people who voted for the 1st option (they play frequently and will pay?). I wouldnt mind donating towards the server, but theres just not enough people playing CS:S

    So far the regular players seem to be:


    People who I sometimes see


    So... basically is 6 regular/semi-regular players enough to warrent renting the server out for another month?

    Coz I don't mind, provided there is enough support

    Oh yeah, we had another friendly 5 vs 5 clan match yesterday, was good fun.. we played Aztec and Cobble and guess what? .... we won!

    P.S. Lets make a rule for ALL admins *looks at paul*... do not kick fellow RL players from the server, it looks bad.

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    lets make a rule to not slay paul when he picks up your AWM off your dead body as he earnt it because he pwnd you with a desert eagle *looks at vasquez*

    it was fun last night tho, there was 2 people on the server as wel las me n raj, it was me v them 2 and raj was a spectator and he kept teleporting me to close by them so i could kill them with my scout
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